Previous events

Mapping the Land: The Inaugural Symposium of the Russian Theatre Research Network UK

On 25th April 2014, the University of Hull hosted the RTRN’s inaugural symposium. Delegates participated in three panels, considering different questions of theatre transmission between Russia and Britain, and keynote papers were delivered by Professor Edward Braun and Professor Jonathan Pitches. Terence Mann, a performer with ten years experience in biomechanical actor training, led a biomechanics demonstration with students from the School of Drama, Music and Screen at the University of Hull. A full list of speakers and their paper titles can be found here: Mapping the Land outline.


‘A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma: Russia, Performance, and the West’: RTRN panel at the British Comparative Literature Association Triennial Conference

In response to the BCLA call for papers on the theme of migration, the RTRN proposed a panel considering the impact of Russian performance in the UK. Four papers were proposed for the panel, and presented at the conference, held at the University of Essex:


‘Modern life through the actor’s distorting mirror’: Basil Dean’s impressions of Russia

Dr. Claire Warden (University of Lincoln)


Soviet Afterlives: The Story of Socialist Realist Theatre in the UK

Dr. Amy Skinner (University of Hull)


Russians in the UK: Movements in Actor Training, Population and Contemporary Theatre

David Jackson (University of the Arts, Bournemouth)


Shaking the Hand of the Man… Who Shook the Hand of the Man… Who Shook the Hand of Mr. Meyerhold

Terence Mann (University of Central Lancashire)



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